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If you have overcrowded teeth, a gap between teeth, or misaligned teeth, you may wonder how to align them. Clear aligners can fix most of these dental problems. At We Care Dental Care, we offer clear aligners, which are transparent teeth alignment devices used to straighten teeth.

Anyone looking to align teeth discreetly can benefit from our teeth alignment treatment using clear aligners. These orthodontic appliances are worn over teeth and gradually move them into the correct position.

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What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of removable, transparent, and clear plastic trays used to correct teeth misalignment. They are an excellent alternative to traditional braces and are becoming popular in cosmetic dentistry due to their convenience and discretion.

Clear aligners are used to treat orthodontic problems such as overcrowded teeth, misaligned teeth, underbites, crossbites, and overbites.

How Do They Work?

If you decide to align your teeth with clear aligners, you will need to visit the dentist for an appointment. During the appointment, your dentist will examine your dental system to determine if you are a good candidate for dental aligners and are in perfect oral health.

Then the doctor will take impressions and scans of your teeth and send them to a dental lab where your custom teeth aligners will be designed. These aligners are usually worn one at a time and are created to gently shift the teeth into the proper position.

After fitting the aligners, your dentist may also fit small, transparent attachments on your teeth to secure the aligners for extra strength. As you wear the aligners, they will shift your teeth in small increments until they reach the desired position.

Why Choose We Care Dental Care Aligners?

  • Comprehensive treatment planning – When you book a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Burkitt, he will assess you to determine if you are a good candidate for clear aligners. Then he will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment to improve your oral health and smile.
  • Improved comfort – Traditional braces are made of metal wires and brackets, which can irritate your cheeks. Luckily, our clear aligners are made from smooth plastic, so they are less likely to irritate your mouth.
  • You feel confident – Our aligners are made from soft, transparent plastic and fit perfectly against your teeth. Since they are less noticeable, no one will even realize you are wearing aligners.

How Long Do Clear Aligners Take to Heal?

Although each patient is different, clear aligners take a relatively shorter period to heal, usually 12 to 18 months. Your recovery time will depend on the severity of your case.

Start Your Journey to a Brilliant Smile with We Care Dental Care

At We Care Dental Care, we focus on treating kids, but we have expanded our practice to treat individuals of all ages. We can do clear aligners for anyone who is 18 years and above. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Burkitt, call We Care Dental Care at (540) 724-6335 or visit our dental office in Roanoke, VA.

Clear Aligners Special

As low as $400 up front and $350 a month (Interest-free).
*Cannot be used with CareCredit or Sunbit

Not looking for monthly payments? We offer a 10% discount on treatment for paying in advance!

This includes

  • We have a no-risk $200 deposit* for your first clear aligner appointment (include scan/photos)
  • We use iTero Scanner
  • Exams (3 times a year)
  • Free year long supply of take home whitening while in treatment!
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