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Sedation Dentistry For Kids in Roanoke, VA

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Going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience for children, but at We Care Dental Care, Dr. Burkitt is changing the way both kids and adults think of dental appointments. We provide everything you’ll need for a smooth, enjoyable visit, including sedation dentistry. Sedation helps keep your child comfortable and relaxed, and we offer personalized treatment tailored to their specific needs. Whether your little one has a minor case of nerves or they will be undergoing a longer treatment, feel free to ask us about our sedation options during your appointment!

What is Laughing Gas and Is it suitable for my Child?

Laughing gas is a sedative that makes patients feel euphoric and calm. This option is ideal for children who may be slightly nervous about their dental appointment. Laughing gas is easily administered through a comfortable mask during your child’s treatment, and it wears off very quickly after the mask is removed. This means that you and your little one can enjoy the rest of your day as you normally would once your child’s treatment is complete.

What is Oral Conscious sedation for Children?

If your child is very fearful or has trouble sitting still for a longer dental procedure, oral conscious sedation may be the right choice. Oral conscious sedation will make your child feel very sleepy and relaxed during treatment, and they may not remember their procedure afterwards. Your child may feel groggy for several hours post-treatment, so plan the rest of your day accordingly! If you think your child would benefit from oral conscious sedation, give us a call or ask Dr. Burkitt about our sedation options during your next appointment.

Which Sedation Option Is Right for My Child?

This depends on the procedure your child will receive, their age, level of anxiety, and a number of other factors. Since there are many things to consider when recommending sedation options, Dr. Burkitt will get to know more about your child and their anxiety levels during your appointment. Then, he’ll explain the benefits of each sedation option as it relates to your child’s particular needs. Dr. Burkitt will always take the time to help you choose the best sedation method to ensure that your child feels comfortable and secure throughout their entire procedure.

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As an experienced, kid-focused dentist, Dr. Burkitt will help you understand the details of each sedation option, and give honest advice to help you decide what’s right for you and your child. Don’t let nervousness or anxiety prevent your child from getting the dental care they need. Schedule an appointment at (540) 427-7274, or come to our office at 3433 Orange Ave NE, Suite A1, Roanoke, VA 24012.

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