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At We Care Dental Care, we don’t look at just the present state of you or your child’s dental health. Rather, we concern ourselves with each stage of development, and how every phase of life has a different set of dental needs. Our focus is on creating good habits and positive relationships between our patients and their oral health, which can result in far less time in the dentist’s chair over the course of their lifetime.

Getting children acquainted with their dentist early in life is incredibly important to the future of their dental health. Starting your child off with a family dentist, like Dr. Benjamin Burkitt, who has expertise in treating patients of all ages, allows them to grow up comfortably with a dental practice full of familiar faces, increasing the likelihood that they will maintain good oral health habits throughout their teenage years and into adulthood. Additionally, when you bring your whole family to We Care Dental Care, we’re able to reinforce those good habits that start at home and result in a lifetime of strong, healthy smiles.

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The Services We Offer

Our practice offers a full range of preventive, restorative, and emergency dental services for patients of all ages. From preventive dental care like teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, to restorative treatments like fillings, crowns, and dental bonding, we have your dental needs covered. We even offer sedation options, like laughing gas and oral conscious sedation, to keep you or your child relaxed and comfortable during treatment. So whether you or your child is in need of a routine cleaning or relief from a painful toothache, We Care Dental Care is here to help.

The Convenience Of A Family Dentist

Life is busy, and life with children is even busier. At We Care Dental Care, we’re here to make life just a little bit easier by providing excellent dental care for the whole family. We offer everything you need to keep your entire family’s smiles shining bright and healthy, so you don’t have to go bouncing back and forth from multiple dentists for everyone in your household.

Not only is it convenient to have all of your dental needs met in one place, but it also allows for a higher level of consistency of care within your family unit. Dr. Burkitt works hard to create a dialogue between families that fosters the creation of good oral hygiene habits that lead to a lifetime of smiles and dental wellbeing.

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When it comes to getting your family on the path towards lifelong dental health, there’s no time like the present. Starting dental care early on can prevent complications down the line, saving you time, pain, and money, leaving you and your family the freedom to live your lives. So don’t wait, get in touch with us today and ask about our $149 New Patient Special!

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