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Gentle Extractions For Troublesome Teeth

Caring Treatment For Kids

If your child has a painful or damaged tooth, they may require a tooth extraction. At We Care Dental Care, tooth extraction is always our last resort, and Dr. Benjamin Burkitt will always do everything he can to save your child’s tooth.
But in some cases, extraction may be a better option for your little one, and can provide them with relief from their pain and discomfort. Learn more below, or contact us now to schedule a consultation in Roanoke.

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When does my child need a tooth extraction?

The most common reason that your child may need a tooth extraction is due to a damaged or extensively decayed baby tooth or adult tooth. If your child has a serious tooth infection due to an oral injury or a cavity, it may not always be possible to save the tooth with pulpotomy or a root canal, and extracting the tooth may be the best option to prevent further complications.

Tooth extractions are also commonly provided to teenagers whose wisdom teeth are growing into their mouths improperly. The wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17-25, but some kids get them earlier. 
Wisdom teeth are our final set of 4 molars, and are a natural part of the mouth, but most people do not have enough space to accommodate another set of teeth, particularly after orthodontic treatment with braces. This means that they can grow into your child’s mouth improperly, and cause a variety of oral health issues. Extraction is often the best option to prevent this.

Finally tooth extractions may sometimes be required to prepare for another dental treatment, such as orthodontic treatment. A child who has very crowded teeth and a narrow palate, for example, may need to have one or more teeth extracted before they get braces, in order to ensure their remaining teeth have enough space.

Does Getting a tooth extraction hurt?

The process of getting a tooth extraction will not cause your child any pain or discomfort. Their mouth will be completely numb during the procedure, and Dr. Burkitt uses the latest techniques and tools to provide gentle extractions at We Care Dental Care. We even offer sedation for kids, so your child can relax and get the dental care they need without any fear or discomfort.

How do I take care of my child after treatment?

After your child has had a tooth removed, Dr. Burkitt will provide you with a comprehensive set of care instructions that you’ll need to follow to ensure your child’s mouth heals properly. For example, you’ll need to make sure they avoid heavy exercise and exertion for a few days after their treatment, and they will need to eat a diet of mostly soft foods for up to a week after their treatment.

In addition, make sure they don’t use a straw or spit forcefully, as this can dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site, causing a painful complication called “dry socket.”

For more information, consult with Dr. Burkitt after your child’s extraction appointment, and make sure you follow all of his instructions so that your little one’s mouth can heal quickly.

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