How Often Should My Child Visit The Dentist?

Your Child Should See The Dentist Every Six Months

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that patients of all ages see a dentist for a checkup and teeth cleaning every six months, and that’s what we recommend at We Care Dental Care, too. Regular visits are the best way to keep an eye on your child’s oral health and development, and make sure they’re free of common dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Understanding The Importance Of Six-Month Children’s Dental Visits

Not convinced that your child should see the dentist every six months? There are a number of great reasons that twice-annual visits to We Care Dental Care are important for kids. Here are just a few of them.

  • Prevent tooth decay and gingivitis – Oral exams and teeth cleanings allow Dr. Burkitt and the team at We Care Dental Care to identify potential oral health problems early, and provide your child with the preventive care they need to resolve the problem.

  • Save time & money – Regular dental appointments can actually help you save money. Avoiding a cavity, for example, means that you do not have to pay for a filling, which will save you quite a bit of time, money, and headaches.

  • Track their oral development – Early childhood is a time of dramatic change in your child’s mouth. Their oral development progresses very quickly, and regular appointments at our office will ensure that their baby teeth are healthy, and that their adult teeth will erupt properly.

  • Get peace of mind – After your child’s appointment, you will know that your child’s mouth is healthy and that their teeth are strong. Or, if they need follow-up care, you’ll know that they’re getting the treatment they need to restore their oral health. Either way, regular dental visits give you peace of mind.

Kids Should Start To See The Dentist Earlier Than You May Think!

You may think that your child only needs to see the dentist once they’re 2-3 years old, and most or all of their baby teeth have come in. But that’s not the case. In fact, the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends that kids see the dentist for the first time much earlier; whenever their first tooth erupts, or when they turn 1 year old, whichever comes first.

This may seem early, but regular visits to the dentist from a very early age help your child get better overall care. With regular six-month visits, Dr. Benjamin Burkitt can learn more about their mouth as they grow, and provide them with friendly, informative, and gentle care to ensure they feel comfortable at the dentist and get used to the process of regular dental visits.

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