Stages of dental care for kids

Different Stages of Your Child's Dental Care

As your child grows, they will develop different needs that parents will have to adjust to. But, it’s not just about their educational or developmental needs.

Did you know your child’s dental health will also go through different stages as they get older? Understanding these stages can help you better prepare for the dental change your child may experience, and address them head-on to help their smiles grow happy and healthy.

Here are the main stages of your child’s dental development, and the type of care they may require:

1) 0-1 Years Old

You should care for your child’s dental health even before their first baby teeth erupt. Parents must clean the baby’s gums after every feeding with a finger or a soft and moist cloth to remove excess milk that could linger in the baby’s mouth.

Once the first teeth begin to erupt, it’s time to upgrade to brushing with a gentle toothbrush. Moreover, the baby’s first tooth is also the moment when you’ll want to take them to see a pediatric dentist for a consultation.

2) 1-3 Years Old

By the time the child reaches 3 years of age, they will most likely have all their baby teeth. During these 2 years, it’s important to continue to gently brush their teeth, and even begin to teach them about the importance of dental hygiene. When they are a bit older, let them start brushing their own teeth, even if you have to follow up afterward.

3) 3-6 Years Old

During this stage, children should learn how to properly brush their teeth, and even begin to try other cleaning techniques such as brushing.

Moreover, this is the perfect stage to teach them about the importance of seeing the dentist routinely, for check-ups and even professional cleanings.

4) 6-13 Years Old

Between the ages of 6-7, your child’s adult teeth will begin to erupt. Many pediatric dentists may recommend taking your child to see an orthodontist, just to make sure their adult teeth are growing correctly and they don’t develop misalignment or bite issues.

5) 13-18 Years Old

Usually, children will get their full set of teeth by the time they are 14-16, but every child is different. It’s important to continue to stress the importance of good oral habits, and take them in for routine appointments.

How We Care Dental Care Can Help

Unfortunately, even with great oral care habits, some dental issues might be unavoidable. Luckily, Dr. Benjamin Burkitt is here to help the little one’s smile stay happy and healthy, with expert pediatric dental services delivered with a soft and caring touch.

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