Welcome to the Cavity Free Club!

At We Care Dental Care we don’t just want you what outpatient to have beautiful healthy teeth today we want them to have for the rest of their lives. Building life-long good habit is not just about good brushing techniques. It is also about giving the kids the motivation to keep doing the right thing and for rewarding kids as they shift to more positive oral health habits.

This why Dr. Burkitt started the We Care Dental Care cavity-free club. This certificate shows that on the written date your child is cavity-free. This could be from having a perfect record or have all decay taken care of.

Before becoming a dentist Dr. Burkitt studied and received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Temple Univerity in Philadelphia. Having a background in Psychology helps guide Dr. Burkitt on how to interacts with his patient during treatment. So he can help relieve patient anxieties and provides less stress full experience in his dental office.

A certificate might seem like a small gesture but to some kids getting their treatment completed is a milestone in their young lives.

Many parents like to keep the certificate on their refrigerator so their child is reminded of their hard work and the importance of good oral hygiene. Some patients also like to put their pictures on social media like Instagram and Facebook so they can show them off to grandma. The comments and likes from family and friends acknowledge their accomplishments help to reinforce the positive changes they have made so that they can join the cavity-free club.

Are you interested in having your child become part of the cavity-free club? If so make an appointment today at We Care Dental Care. Our number 540-427-7274.

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