What To Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

If you suffer an accident and your tooth is knocked out, it’s very important to get dental treatment right away. Under the right circumstance, the tooth can be reimplanted in its socket, and as a result, permanent dental loss is avoided.

However, acting fast is vital to addressing a knocked-out tooth.

Here are the 3 main steps you should follow if you get a tooth knocked out:

1. Stay Calm and Find the Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out can be scary, but it’s really important to stay calm so that you can think clearly. Start by assessing the situation to see if you need emergency medical services, such as if you have a bigger wound, excessive bleeding, strong pains, etc.

If not, then find the tooth and place it in an airtight container with milk. This will preserve the tooth until you can make it to the dentist’s office.

2. See the Dentist Right Away

Many dental practices offer emergency dental services that can allow you to access swift care even outside working hours. With a knocked out tooth, it’s very important to get treated as soon as possible. The more you wait, the less likely it will be that the tooth reimplanting can work.

When you call the dentist, they may provide you with additional instructions based on your specific case, such as how to manage bleeding.

3. Be Diligent with Follow-up Care

If the tooth can be reimplanted, it will take a few weeks until it’s fully healed and your dental health is restored. During the healing period, you need to care for the tooth and overall dental health to prevent other issues from appearing.

Depending on your case, the dentist can recommend:

  • Using saline water to gently cleanse the mouth in the first few hours;
  • Gently brushing your teeth, and not disturbing the reimplanted tooth;
  • Eating soft foods in the first few days that require less chewing;
  • Taking pain management medication, etc.

The dentist might also want to see you for another appointment, later on, to assess your healing and make sure the tooth is successfully implanted. You should not skip this session, even if you believe the tooth is healed, and see no further problems with it. Being diligent with a reimplanted tooth can help increase your chances of getting over this event successfully. 

Emergency Dental Services at We Care Dental Care

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